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Welcome new employees

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In order to help new employees understand the ZL-PACK as soon as possible, change their roles and integrate into the work, the ZL-PACK held a new employee meeting at 10 o 'clock on the morning of March 11, the company's office area burst into laughter and applause.

The leadership of the ZL-PACK expressed a warm welcome to the new employees and introduced the basic situation of the ZL-PACK in detail, the current focus of work and the target plan for the year. ZL-PACK leaders hope that new employees cherish the opportunity, love the ZL-PACK, change their ideas, find the right position, integrate into the specific work of the ZL-PACK as soon as possible, strengthen learning, continuous progress, and realize the joint promotion of ZL-PACK development and personal progress. The head of each department trained the new employees on what is standing bag, three-sided sealing bag, coffee bag, zipper bag, spray bag, snack bag, small bag roll film, etc., and let employees work steadily and make due contributions to the ZL-PACK.

When the representative of the new employees spoke, he thanked the ZL-PACK very much for the good working platform and thoughtful life service provided by the ZL-PACK for the new employees. He said that he would bear in mind the mission, recognize the responsibilities, integrate into the company as soon as possible, study hard, work hard, and make more contributions to the ZL-PACK.

The new employees of the ZL-PACK have high educational level and reasonable professional composition, including business English, finance and accounting, Chinese, etc. The ZL-PACK provides a comfortable office environment for new employees to ensure that new employees focus on work and comfortable life.



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