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What is stand up pouch

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A stand-up pouch, also known as a Doypack (trademark associated with a pouch), is a flexible package capable of standing upright on its base for display, storage and use. It is a type of plastic bag, but it also sometimes has the properties of a plastic bottle. Doypacks are typically used in powdered or ready-to-drink beverages. The bottom of the stand-up pouch is padded for support for display or use.

1.3 sies seal pouch

They can be filled aseptically or on conventional packaging lines.


Leon and Louis Doyen did the early work on the stand-up pouch in France. Louis Doyen was president of the Thimonnier Company, which traded under the trade name "Doypack" (from DOY en "PACK ageing").

In the 1980s and 1990s, the development of materials, design choices and equipment increased. Currently, it is a very widely used form of packaging.

3.flat bottom bag (2)


Flexible pouches are usually made of multiple layers of materials: various plastic films, paper, foil, etc. The pouches are often printed with high-impact graphics or sometimes have labels. These materials must have special heat sealing properties to be converted into pouches.

The most common bags have a bottom gusset to create a "W" shape that opens to allow for a flat bottom. Sometimes side gussets are also used. Several design options are offered.

Common are pour spouts and reclosable zipper bars.

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