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The basic manufacturing process of composite packaging bags is: printing, compounding, slitting, and bag making four steps, of which the two processes of compounding and bag making are the most suitable assembly methods.

Composite process

In the design process, in addition to choosing the wrong adhesive during the process, no matter how good the lamination process is, it will also lead to poor adhesion, low adhesion in post-processing, lamination, leakage, and broken cysts. rust.

There are many reasons to be considered in the selection of adhesives for daily chemical software packaging. Generally speaking, the following conditions should be met as a composite adhesive:

No harmful extracts appear after packaging the liquid;
Applicable food storage temperature requirements;
Good weather resistance, no yellowing and foaming, no pulverization and delamination;
Resistant to oils, fragrances, vinegar and alcohol;
Does not corrode printing pattern ink, and has high affinity to ink.

Lamination is an important process in the production and processing of flexible packaging. Its common faults mainly include: generation of air bubbles, low lamination fastness, wrinkling and curling of finished products, stretching or shrinking of lamination products, etc. This section will focus on analyzing the causes of wrinkling and edge curling and their elimination methods.

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