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What is gravure printing colors?

April 02,2024

What is Gravure Printing Colors?

Gravure printing is a real method of printing graphics on paper. It is used to print magazines, books, and even packaging. One factor that is important of printing is the usage of colors. Gravure printing colors are special inks that are used to print images. There are several benefits to using these Zhuli Packing Materials inks.


One benefit of gravure printing colors is the durability. The Zhuli Packing Materials printed bags are resistant to scratches as well as fading. This means that images printed with these colors can last longer. An additional benefit is that they are water-resistant, and thus the images can be printed on products which will be exposed to water without running or smudging.

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There have been numerous innovations in gravure printing over the years. The colors used in gravure printing have grown to be more vibrant and also more resistant to fading. Newer inks are also safer for the environment. The Zhuli Packing Materials printed film is created using materials that are sustainable are non-toxic. This is why they are better for consumers and better for the world.


Gravure printing colors are safer to use. The Zhuli Packing Materials printed packaging bags are non-toxic and is not to contain harmful chemicals. What this means is they are safe for use in packaging as well as other products that will come into contact with food or any other goods. Gravure printing colors are also safe for the environment. They are manufactured using materials that are sustainable usually do not release harmful chemicals into the air or water.


Gravure printing colors are used in several industries. They are used to print images on publications, magazines, and other materials that are printed. They are also used to print images on packaging for food, beverages, and other consumer products. Gravure printing colors can easily be used on a wide variety of materials, including paper, plastic, as well as metal. This makes them valuable and versatile for numerous applications.

How to Use?

Using of gravure printing colors need a special printing press. The images to be printed are etched onto a cylinder, this is coated with the ink. The cylinder shall be squeezed onto the material to become printed, moving the image onto the surface. Gravure printing can be a process which is complex but it allows for high-quality, detailed images to feel printed.


Gravure printing companies offer a variety of services to their customers. This includes consulting on the best colors and materials to use, in addition to the design and printing process. They also offer quality control as well as assurance to make sure the product that is complete of customer's expectations.


Gravure printing produces images that are high-quality which are detailed and sharp. The colors used in gravure printing are formulated specifically for this printing process, therefore they make images with vibrant colors and blacks that are deep. The quality of gravure printing is unrivaled by other printing methods, making it the method that is preferred of materials that are printed.

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Gravure printing colors are employed in number of applications, such as packaging, advertising materials, and magazines that are printed. They can easily become used to print on a variety which was wide of, like plastics, metals, and paper. The durability and quality of gravure printing colors cause them to the perfect choice of products that want to stand out as well as make an impact.

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